Roofing and insurance claims

Many homeowners have had to file an insurance claim on the home for hail or wind damage. In some states like Colorado, Texas, and Oklahoma with all of the consistent hail-storms, homeowners are used to this process. You need to understand the situation you are getting yourself into when filing an insurance claim for exterior damage. There is usually more damage than a homeowner knows, such as window screens, paint, siding, light fixtures, vents, fencing, and all of your personal items like patio furniture, grills, solar lights, etc. That’s why you should understand the basics when filing a claim that we will go through.

Inspect Damage Before Filing A Claim

First off before filing a claim with your insurance company, it is important to have a third party contractor inspect the damage with you. Many roofing companies are general contractors who are the best to work with because they have experience with insurance claims and what the insurance company will pay for and what they won’t. We recommend finding a trustworthy roofing contractor and have them come out to do an inspection (you should never pay for an inspection) to determine if it is worth making a claim. That is where having an honest and experienced contractor is critical because you do not want to make a claim unless you are sure there is actual damage.large-hail

Filing The Claim

Once you have determined that your home has considerable damage, and you need to file a claim, it is good to involve the contractor. So, that you have someone working on your side because the insurance claims adjuster that will come out to inspect the damage is most of the time on the insurance companies side. All in All both parties are there to help you, but having your contractor there when the adjuster arrives will contribute to making sure you get paid for everything, and can help to push what was damaged. It is better to have more experienced eyes trying to find all the damage on your home than one person.

Choosing The Contractor

We have already mentioned that it is important to find someone you trust, and maybe has references from friends or family. Many roofers are out for the quick buck and don’t care about the homeowner. That is why checking the company to make sure they are with the BBB and are local. Looking at license plates are another way to check like in Colorado if it’s not a company truck and has red license plates it is a rental car. There are many ways to keep your eyes open to out of state roofers. A great way is to ask friends and family or go on Facebook and ask. An excellent contractor will take care of all the damage and get your house to its original glory or better. There are great contractors out there just ask around.

If you are in Colorado you should check into a Highland’s Ranch Company. For others in the Colorado area check out this link.


Inspect before filing a claim and make sure you have an experienced contractor that you can trust. It is a lengthy process but look at it as a way to remodel your house for almost free. Here is a list of local roofing contractors near you. Or click here for a list from the BBB.